Dining with a Purpose: Community Engagement Opportunity

Passionate about a social issue? Want to spark meaningful discussion? Like to entertain? Sign-up to be a University Community Service Center (UCSC) Meal Sharing host!


To celebrate its 20th anniversary this school year, the University Community Service Center (UCSC) of the Office of Civic Engagement, founded by former First Lady Michelle Obama, has launched the “dining with a purpose” initiative in partnership with MealSharing.com, an online platform that brings people together through home-cooked meals in more than 150 countries. UCSC is excited to have members of the UChicago community host meals to discuss social issues they care about and to ultimately build stronger civic engagement communities in Chicago and beyond.

You are invited to sign-up to host a meal and discussion in your home until end of June. Once you post the meal and social issue of interest-anything from affordable housing to healthcare disparities to criminal justice-you can invite folks from your personal network to join, and the UCSC will also help promote your meal to the UChicago community. The idea is to gather people together over good food who share an interest or curiosity in a particular social issue. When the day comes, just cook up something yummy or get carry-out from your favorite place, and then discuss the topic that you care about with your guests!

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Event Contact
Amy Chan, Director